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Track and protect virtually anything, easy and simple with inuvi ready solution. inuvi is all in one, a simple ready, stylish product, fully ready without the need of a complicated installation.


inuvi helps protect your life and the life of those that matter most to you, be it your family members, your pet or the things you value most in your life, a bicycle or perhaps your car or boat.


The VL502 is a new generation of 4G Cat 1 OBD II tracker for corporate cars, usage-based insurance, fleet management, and individual cars, which can obtain vehicle data such as VIN code, engine speed, water temperature, accumulated mileage, etc. With the UBI-based algorithm for driving behaviour analysis, the VL502 can accurately analyse any of 4 kinds of dangerous driving behaviour and support the all-round monitoring of vehicles’ real-time status.


inuvi cloud platform is among the most secure GPS cloud solutions available today. Our and your data are protected on secure high performance servers located in Singapore the USA and Germany. The core technology is made in Sweden.

Trusted, secure and Reliable.

  • Secure server environment.

  • Intuitive desktop, mobile and App solution.

  • Fast, reliable hosting on Amazon AWS servers located in Singapore, the USA and Germany.

  • Multilingual platform with support for Google Maps, Bing, Here and other map support.

inuvi App - Map Layer Type

inuvi App - View Trip Summary

inuvi App - Track Detail View

Get Hands On With inuvi Technology

Test the 4G inuvi OBD-II GPS device for one month for free.
Return it if it does not work for you.
No questions asked!

COMPARE inuvi and naviro PLANS

inuvi PRO 4G OBD-II

$8900Monthly paid in HKD
  • 12 Month Subscription
  • $49.00 Set-Up Fee
  • 1 User Server Access
  • 12 +1 Month Cloud Access
  • 1x 4G OBD-II Tracker Included
  • Prices in Hong Kong Dollar

inuvi 4G OBD-II

$79900One-time paid in HKD
  • No Subscription Required
  • No Set-Up Fee
  • 1 User Server Access
  • Lifetime Cloud Access
  • 1x 4G OBD-II Tracker Included
  • Prices in Hong Kong Dollar


$5800Monthly paid in HKD
  • 12 Month Subscription
  • No Set-Up Fee
  • 1 User Server Access
  • 12 Month Cloud Access
  • No Tracker Included
  • Prices in Hong Kong Dollar

NEW: naviro 4G Tracker

$59800One-time paid in HKD
  • Best Value / No Subscription
  • No Set-Up Fee
  • 10 Users Server Access
  • Lifetime FREE Cloud Access
  • 1x 4G Tracker Included
  • Prices in Hong Kong Dollar

All prices in Hong Kong Dollar.


Global tracking for personal and professional secure use.

4G Technology

4G Technology spanning the world accurately and reliable.

Advanced Tech

Latest and robust 4G technology for high accuracy and security.

Plug and Play

Standard OBD-II connector for easy installation in virtually any car.


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Passive and active GPS dog tracker – what’s the difference

May 20th, 2023|

There are a wide range of "pet trackers" out there. Some perform really well but sadly, most do not deliver performance as they should, and worse, they do not actively track the real-time location of the pet, hence the entire product is questionable as it does not do what we need it the most for - locate your pet whenever needed.


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