Takes just less than 5 minutes to get you connected.

It isn’t that complicated nor rocket science to get you up and connected with the inuvi V-OBDII (3G) device in order to start recording your daily drive in your car or other vehicle, as long as you have an OBDII connector available in your car or other vehicle.

OBD and OBDII is commonly available in about every car out there as well as truck or bus. It’s a standardized connector usually located somewhere close to the driver’s position just around the steering wheel area. If you can’t locate it, ask us for help in our service portal.

We found a pretty good resource that helps you locate the OBD socket in your car thanks to the folks from “The Diagnostic Box”. Go check the link; it will open in a new browser tab.

Once you received your package from us, which includes the device itself, simply follow these few quick steps to get you up and running in no time.

Step 1: Insert SIM card.
Step 2: Set-Up the device via SMS in 4 simple steps.
Step 3: Insert the device into the OBD-II socket of your car.
Step 4: Start tracking!

Setting the device up via easy SMS commands use our Quick Start Guide located here

Which SIM card should I use?

That’s a good question to ask and there is a simple answer to it.

The device works just perfectly fine with a simple pre-paid nano-SIM card. The size of the card should be a “nano” card. About all telecommunication companies provide nano cards as their standard. The tracker does not send much data, actually it only sends very small data to the server, hence a pre-paid SIM card with a data volume of 1 Giga Byte will last for several months if not even a year.

We had very good experience with pre-paid cards. The advantage is that you won’t need to commit to an annual subscription. Just add value from time to time, perhaps even just once a year. Usually a card with a starter value of HK$ 100, or about US$ 12 is fully sufficient.

Before you insert the SIM card into the device, make sure that the card’s PIN lock function is set to off. You can do this with any cellphone or simply ask the sales staff to assist you. In most cases the SIM lock PIN is turned off by default anyway.

inuvi PLUS get’s you started.

The inuvi V-OBDII (3G) LBS/GPS tracker can be used worldwide due to full 3G network compatibility. Supported are both, 2G and 3G networks. Please take note that some countries have or are about to discontinue 2G network coverage, hence GPS trackers only supporting 2G networks may no longer be used. The inuvi V-OBDII (3G) LBS/GPS tracker works even after 2G is discontinued!

Did this short guide help you? Please let us know your comments and feedback or simply do add your question in the comments section below. We will certainly get back to you.

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