Replaying routes is especially interesting if you drive in groups.

It’s pretty nice to be able to replay your daily trip, see where you had to slow down in traffic, the stops you made, how long each stop was and the exact route you took. While this is a useful tool to plan ahead for your next trip, perhaps find a better route with less traffic congestion or added driving experience in general.

It’s even more fun and interesting to playback routes of various trackers while driving in a group. Not only are you able to replay all of them simultaneously all at the same time, moreover you are able to see how each device changed position in the group, got held up or even lost it’s way or, found an even quicker route to the final destination.

It’s really fun to see how positions change while driving in a group.

Replaying routes is pretty simple. Login to the inuvi tracking server, create the individual devices you would like to replay as a group; basically have several group members combined in your login account. You are able to add as many users / devices to a group as you like depending on your inuvi package. In case you require any extra users just get in touch with us and we get you geared up for the fun.

All inuvi accounts have the replay function enabled by default. Just select the devices from the device panel and display the routes you would like to replay. Once you have selected the routes for your various devices click on the Replay button next to the Draw tracks button. It’s that simple.

You may even replay an entire week or month of activity if you like.

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