Car enthusiasts enjoy the “Follow All” group experience.

If you are a car enthusiast, regularly getting out on a sunny morning drive with your fellow friends, this little feature comes pretty handy.

The inuvi personal tracker is very handy to get you started. It’s pretty quick and easy to prepare. All you need is a tracking device, ideally the P-905 as no cable connection is required, one each for each driver or car with a prepaid SIM card installed and an inuvi server account per device. Our team will group the accounts together, so that each of your club members can logon to the online interface to playback the route and events.

If you like it even more professional, make use of the OBD-II device from inuvi. It does not require any cable connection as well, simply install it to the OBD-II socket of your car. The socket is usually located just beneath the steering wheel. If you need help locating it, ask us or Google it.

The P-905 and the V-OBDII, both do the job perfect and very accurate.

If that’s even a concern, keeping your data protected is simple. There isn’t any concern about keeping your own record anonymous and safe. Simply assign numbers to each device, place the device in the included pouch and let each driver pick one each before the drive. Only her or him will know the tracker’s number and login to the server respectively.

It’s really fun to see how positions change while driving in a group.

Replaying routes is pretty simple. Login to the inuvi tracking server, create the individual devices you would like to replay as a group; basically have several group members combined in your login account. You are able to add as many users / devices to a group as you like depending on your inuvi package. In case you require any extra users just get in touch with us and we get you geared up for the fun.

All inuvi accounts have the replay function enabled by default. Just select the devices from the device panel and display the routes you would like to replay. Once you have selected the routes for your various devices click on the Replay button next to the Draw tracks button. It’s that simple.

You may even replay an entire week or month of activity if you like.

Did this short guide help you? Please let us know your comments and feedback or simply do add your question in the comments section below. We will certainly get back to you.

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