inuvi – FAQ

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Yes, you certainly can. Simply download the Android App and add the server credentials. Each phone counts as one user. Simply order the inuvi BASIC plan. To download the App onto your Android phone simply scan the QR code located on the right side of the page footer at inuvi.net.  

Yes, you most likely can. inuvi supports an extremely wide range of GPS devices and protocols, most probably the widest range available in the market today. Let us know which exact device you currently use and we will get you connected to the inuvi tracking server. Set-up is rather straightforward and does not require much […]

No worries, we have you covered. A password reset link is located on the Tracking Server login page. Navigate to the top menu navigation bar and select -> LOGIN -> TRACKING SERVER to access the page.  In the case that you need any further assistance please use the chat icon or contact us via the […]

To get access to the secure tracking server you will first need to subscribe to one of the available inuvi plans. Navigate to the products tab in the top navigation bar and choose your preferred plan. In case you need any further help or details concerning the available inuvi plans please contact us via online […]

Our secure servers are located in the US and Singapore and hosted by Amazon AWS for best up-time performance and privacy data protection. Our tracking servers are protected by SSL technology.

The server ID is ” https://track.inuvi.de/ “.

Yes, the inuvi platform fully supports desktop computers via browser, mobile devices such as tablets and phones via mobile browser and the inuvi App available for Apple and Android based devices. The download link to the App is located in the page footer of inuvi.net.

Virtually anything. inuvi can locate your vehicle via a simple plug and play connector that connects directly to your OBD-II socket located in your car. The connector is usually located just below the steering wheel.  In case you need help locating the connector please get in touch with us before you place your order. You […]

We offer various GPS devices based on your specific needs, whether you intend to monitor your car’s movement or perhaps the location of any type of asset you would like to protect. Please add your requirements to your order notes during checkout. For further information please get in touch with us before you place your […]

You can use inuvi literally anywhere where a GPS, GLONASS or AGPS signal is available. There is no restriction of use, regardless where you are located. inuvi is available worldwide with full coverage unless of restricted zones.