inuvi V-OBDII (3G)


inuvi V-OBDII (3G) vehicle tracker (Car, Truck, Bus)

The inuvi V-OBDII (3G) LBS/GPS tracker can be used internationally due to full 3G network compatibility. Supported are both, 2G and 3G networks.  Please take note that some countries have or are about to discontinue 2G network coverage, hence GPS trackers only supporting 2G networks may no longer be used. The inuvi V-OBDII (3G) LBS/GPS tracker works even after 2G is discontinued!


Fully compatible with the inuvi Tracking Server

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inuvi V-OBDII (3G) GPS tracker, for international use, based on 2G & 3G WCDMA/GSM/GPRS network

The inuvi V-OBDII (3G) tracker can be used internationally due to full 3G network compatibility. Supported are both, 2G and 3G networks.  Please take note that some countries have or are about to discontinue 2G network coverage, hence GPS trackers just supporting 2G may no longer be used in those countries. The inuvi V-OBDII (3G) tracker works well and reliable even after 2G has been discontinued!

Install into your car or truck or bus in less than 5 minutes

  • Step 1: Insert SIM card.
  • Step 2: Set-Up the device via SMS in 4 simple steps.
  • Step 3: Insert the device into the OBD-II socket of your car.
  • Step 4: Start tracking!

Main Product Features

  1. LBS and GPS
    Real-time dual-positioning for best coverage, indoors and outdoors. The tracker does not rely on GPS signal availability only. It fully supports location based (LBS) Cell-ID location service as well.
  2. OBD-II Compatibility
    Fully compatible OBD-II vehicle tracker with DC input range from 9 – 40 V/DC for any type of vehicle with available OBD/OBDII connector.
  3. Alarms and Notifications
    GPS blind spot, shock and vibration, displacement, geofence, overspeed, low internal battery power, low external battery power failure alarm. Alarm messages are sent directly from the tracker via SMS and/or via the inuvi Server. SMS alerting can be configured individually and to multiple numbers.
  4. Status Notifications
    Provides support for vehicle fluid level, petrol consumption, odometer reading, vehicle speed, engine ignition status, fault codes and various other OBD/OBDII status messages.
  5. Sleep Mode
    Various sleep modes to ensure long standby time. Includes time to sleep schedule and a deep sleep mode. The tracker is activated from the sleep modes based on various triggers including shock or power events.
  6. High GPS Accuracy
    Detects GPS blind spots, precise internal and external geofencing.
  7. Programmable SMS
    The tracker can be simply programmed via SMS commands directly sent to the tracker from designated phone numbers. Arm or disarm with remote SMS command or quickly check the location of the tracker or the vehicle status. There is a long list of commands available including remote tracking deactivation.
  8. Internal Memory
    The built-in memory can store as much as 16,000 location data. Prevent data loss in case of server unavailability or failure.
  9. Google Map Link
    Get a SMS for alarm notification events. The SMS includes a convenient direct Google Map link providing the exact location details of the event.
  10. Emergency Button
    A SOS button is located on the tracker to allow manual SOS allerting to the tracking server or to designated SMS recipients.
  11. Microphone
    The tracker has an inbuilt microphone that can be activated via remote SMS command allowing to listen to the trackers surroundings in case of an emergency or unusual event.
  12. Internal Battery & On/Off Switch
    Built-in 3.7 V/DC, 200 mAh Lipo battery. The tracker can be switched off manually via an On/Off switch located on the tracker.

Global 3G, GPS and LBS Coverage

Most intuitive tracking platform available with Route Playback

OBD/OBD-II Compatibility, works with virtually all vehicles

  • SAE J1850 PWM
  • SAE J1850 VPW
  • ISO 9141-2
  • ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000_5BPS)
  • ISO 14230-4 (KWP2000_FAST)
  • ISO 15765-4 (CAN500_11BIT)
  • ISO 15765-4 (CAN500_29BIT)
  • ISO 15765-4 (CAN250_11BIT)
  • ISO 15765-4 (CAN250_29BIT)

Advanced Geo-Fencing

Delivery Content

  • 1x V-OBDII (3G) Tracker Main Unit
  • 1x User Instructions



Fully compatible with inuvi Tracking Server

12 Month Warranty


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great tracker!

I installed this tracker 3 weeks ago and I’m very impressed by the accuracy and features of the software: it’s very easy to see exactly where you drove, what speed you were doing at every location in the route, and other useful info. When the car starts and/or moves, it automatically sends out a SMS to your phone. A must have for every car, in order to give you a peace of mind, or if you just want to track your drives.


This thing is so cool. Works as it should and super easy to set-up. So accurate - amazing. Took me just a few steps to get it installed in my car. Virtually just a matter of plug and play. Can't wait to see it in action.


Love this little tool from inuvi. Had a great ride yesterday to test it. Will be fun to use the new tiny car tracker for my next weekend ride and share with the other guys.